Fruit Cup Caterpillar Fiesta Medal 2018 by Gavin Heath

$ 10.00

My little boy Gavin loves to eat—especially when I take him to get a fruit cup at Coco Rayado on North Zarzamora. And even though he's just started walking, he loves Fiesta! We toted him to the Viva Botanica and Pooch Parade last year. And this year I'm proud to make him this Fruit Cup Caterpillar Fiesta Medal!

This design Fiesta-izes a classic children's book. Instead of having the caterpillar eat fruit in a row, we had him eating it out of a fruit cup (though we held off on the chamoy because Gavin doesn't care for it yet). The best part? There's actual "holes" through the medal where the caterpillar chomped through the fruit! One dollar from every sale of the Fruit Cup Caterpillar Fiesta Medal goes to The Children's Shelter.

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