SA Flavor 2018 Fiesta Medal JANUARY Seven Pack

$ 70.00

The first 2018 Fiesta Medals by SA Flavor here! This JANUARY pack is super hot and will have many San Antonio food related medals. But we're start by revealing one of the two SA Flavor Lotería Fiesta Medals: El Valiente, a Spurs inspired tribute to #20. This pack will include seven medals and awesome Miss Paleta tote bag.

We're excited that a dollar from every Fiesta Medal sold will be donated to a charity! Below is all the information about the Fiesta Medals in the pack, the medal creator and where the dollar goes to. ¡VIVA FIESTA!

1. El Valiente by SA Flavor (Charity: Child Advocates San Antonio
2. Barrel of Monkeys by Alan Bush (Charity: Texas Public Radio)
3. Miss Paleta by Christina Liserio (Charity: Operation School Bell)
4. Taco Donkey Kong by Tony Infante (Charity: Youth Reclamation Inc.)
5. Don't Be Self Conchas by Amanda Infante (Charity: SA Youth)
6. Rosarita by Roxanne Quintero (Charity: Any Baby Can)
7. El Cafecito Gratis by SA Flavor (Charity: South Texas Alzheimers Association)

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