SA Flavor 2018 Fiesta Medal MARCH Seven Different Medals Pack

$ 70.00

The third round of 2018 Fiesta Medals by SA Flavor here! This MARCH pack is kind of a hodgepodge but has a lot of medals kids and kids at heart will enjoy. We started by revealing two of the Fiesta Medals: the Lego Woman and Lego Man!!! This pack will include seven medals and an AWESOME new tote bag. And don't forget, the first 100 are a little bit special 😃 

We're excited that a dollar from every Fiesta Medal sold will be donated to a charity! Below is all the information about the Fiesta Medals in the pack, the medal creator and where the dollar goes to. ¡VIVA FIESTA!

1. Lego Woman by Angela Bartels (Charity: Sunshine Cottage School for Deaf Children)
2. Lego Man by Jason Bartels (Charity: Sunshine Cottage School for Deaf Children)
3. Yo Quiero Fiesta by Geneva Baker (Charity: Animal Defense League)
4. Longhorn by Paul Baker (Charity: Animal Defense League)
5. Fiestasaurus by Natalie Heath (Charity: The Acorn School) 
6. Sneaker by Santiago Rodriguez (Charity: The Salvation Army)
7. Fruit Cup Caterpillar by Gavin Heath (Charity: Children's Shelter)

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