2016 Coyote Fiesta Medal by 210 Local

$ 10.00

I was super proud to bring to life the idea of Aaron Passmore, local foodie and man around town, for his 2016 Fiesta medal! The idea plays on the Dia de los Muertos aesthetic, our local basketball team and Fiesta—three things that Aaron is big on—while calling out 210 Local the name that he goes by around town. If you spend $30, your order ships for free! Otherwise there's a $2.50 shipping charge.

I'll never forget when I first met Aaron at NIOSA in 2015. He and his new bride made a special run of Fiesta medals for their wedding party favor. He had one left over that he wanted to trade me for my Barbacoa medal. I told him that if he could find me in that sea of humanity I would make the trade—and somehow he did!

Aaron is a San Antonio native, a veteran of the Air Force and is currently the captain at the Sam Houston Fire Station 4. And he is incredibly passionate about his city, something that I think comes out in this Fiesta medal that I helped him design.

This medal is super hot and won't last for long—I really love the he coyote's eyes that are basketballs. Be sure to follow Aaron on Twitter at @210Local and Instagram at @210_Local (don't forget that underscore!).