El Cafecito Gratis Lotería Fiesta Medal 2018 by SA Flavor

$ 10.00

This Fiesta Medal is the fourth in the Lotería food series by SA Flavor. Not only is April time for Fiesta, it's also the time of NBA playoffs. And everyone in San Antonio knows that in the playoffs if the Spurs win it's free coffee for EVERYONE! The number "18" on the card denotes this year's Fiesta.

We're proud to add El Cafecito Gratis to our lineup of food Lotería Fiesta Medals that have included La Barbacoa y Big Red, Chicken on a Stick and El Borracho! One dollar from every sale goes to South Texas Alzheimer's Association.  Free shipping on orders $30 or more!

Want more than just the Cafecito fiesta medal? Get it as part of our first 7-pack now! 

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