Express News WINNER: Accordion Fiesta Medal 2018 by the Texas Provencios

$ 10.00

WINNER: BEST FIRST TIME MEDAL IN EXPRESS NEWS CONTESTThe sound of the accordion permeates the air of Fiesta, and you'll often hear musicians try out the best attempt at emulating the one and only Flaco. I'm so proud to work with Mark Provencio on this Accordion Fiesta Medal. Mark is a medal maniac by way of Los Angeles and loves Fiesta. 

We tried collaborating on a medal last year and just couldn't get a design to click. But when this year rolled around, I had an idea that I thought Mark would love—he took it to the next level by adding in the line, "Ay te dejo en San Antonio" and the Accordion Fiesta Medal was born. We riffed on the classic diamond design on the bellows by adding in a broken heart—something that I hope gets replicated on a real accordion soon. One dollar from every sale goes to Project Quest, an organization that helped Mark transition from a career in the military to one in tech. 

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