KENS5 and SA Flavor #FiestaMedal Collaboration

Posted by Garrett Heath on

Carts with any items that total over $30 (before tax) in the SA Flavor store will get one of these SUPER HOT KENS5 medals packed in your order FOR FREE!!!! Already got a medal on our first run? No problem! You can get another one if your cart is $30 or more! Also, I will update the status bar on the SA Flavor website as to whether or not I still have these medals—if I run out of medals, you will be able to cancel your order if you'd like. So you can build a cart of $30 or more with any medals, stickers, books, shirts, or whatever and score this medal for free while supplies last! NOTE: I add this medal in manually—there is nothing for you to claim! 

Last year would have been the 70th anniversary of KENS5—the station reached out to me to create an incredibly unique medal to celebrate! I developed this AWESOME medal that has the modern KENS5 logo on the front in the quatrefoil, the symbol of San Antonio, along with a lot of confetti. The top right features a television set that rotates between three classic KENS5 logos and those color bars that anyone who grew up with a box TV surely remembers! This was one of the most fun medals I ever had the chance to make, and I appreciated the partnership and creative freedom that the KENS5 team gave me to make something truly unique! 

Miss out? You can also download the KENS5 Mobile app to your phone (here it is for Apple and here it is for Android)—scroll down on the phone and find a spot to enter!