Final FIESTAMON Restock Delayed Until After Fiesta 2023

Posted by Garrett Heath on

Well I have a bad bit of news: the Fiestamon restock will be delayed until after Fiesta 2023. We had an issue with the print quality for some of the medals from the manufacturer on this reorder, and rather than delivering a sub-par product I decided to trash the medals. I know that many of y'all are going to be disappointed because you wanted to wear the medal at Fiesta, and trust me, no one is more disappointed that I am at this news. 

However, I never want to release something that I am not proud of, regardless if many of you may not care. This is only the second time I have ever had to pull a medal in the past nine years, but I take this stuff pretty serious.

If you don't know, SA Flavor sources and produces all our own medals. So I would be considered the "wholesaler" or "manufacturer" where you could put in an order for your *own* medals. For the past nine years, I have had a go-to manufacturer who has done incredible work. Fortunately, we have found an amicable agreement to move this project forward and to get the *same* amount of medals as what should have been released on the first Tuesday of Fiesta. 

The balance of the Fiestamon medals should drop in mid-to-late May. Again, I know that this is not what many of you want to hear as it does miss Fiesta. But whether you are looking to get your first Fiestamon for your collection, or you are looking to try to pull a rare to complete your set, know that more will be coming.